Genre: bossanova / jazz / samba / samba soul/ brazilectro

The Brazilian-Dutch singer and lyric writer Lilian Vieira (September 11, 1966, Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro) presents herself with her Brazilian Samba Soul from the sixties and seventies. At age 23 she moved to The Netherlands, where she, due to her special timbre, great improvisation skills and charismatic stage presence develops as a noted singer. This is partly due to her role in the Brazilectro group Zuco 103. Vieira – primarily singing in Portuguese – also works with multiple jazz-, soul- and funkbands and various DJs. As a guest vocalist she collaborated on dozens of albums. The past years she has returned to her musical roots, with the singing of popular Brazilian music and classical acoustic Samba that eventually inspired her to record her own solo album.


At the end of 2013 Lilian is almost 25 years in Holland and she released her self-written debut solo album, based on the Samba Soul sound of Brazil. This album brings us back to the seventies, her youth and her native soil where her parents taught her the love for music. It has a very personal character as she starts with a soundbite from her mother singing and finishes with her father giving her his blessings. Together with Wiboud Burkens, who produces her album, and 2 other musicians she makes a musical trip to Brazil where they work together with Joao Parahyba of Trio Mocoto: one of the exponents of the Samba Soul. Together they create the basis for 2 songs on her album. In 2014 she tours the Netherlands with her Samba Soul.

Because of the success of the Concertgebouw show in 2012, where Lilian and Gideon van Gelder interpret the works of Toninho Horta, they continue this program and tour jazz venues together in 2013. She also performs as guest soloist. She featured Robertinho da Silva for his shows in Holland, and she was asked to play with Omar Ka for his project in Rotterdam and the Hague. At the Concertgebouw every year they organize a children program called Wereld Aan je Voeten. Just like the past 2 years, Lilian joined this project with the Cariopa crew.
In the meantime she performs live with her new project and a sold out Bimhuis was one of the highlights.
In December her eponymous album will be released (Coast to Coast) and in 2014 she will tour different venues in the Netherlands.


At the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 Lilian tours the Netherlands as part of the trio Nomads at the side of the Antillean singer Izaline Calister and the Moluccan singer Julya L’Oko. Their repertoire is a special journey through the lives of the singers and is characterized by a mix of their roots and pop music.

Next to working on her solo album she is still a much-asked soloist. In March 2012 she worked together with the dj and producer Marcelinho da Lua in Portugal, which generated a lot of new ideas for both. The Metropole Orchestra, this time lead by Vince Mendoza, invited Lilian and the jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman to perform a.o. the famous Brazilian song Carinhoso at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2012.

In August she and Gideon van Gelder interpreted the works of Toninho Horta in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Because of the success, Lilian and Gideon continue this program and tour jazz venues in 2013.

2010 – 2011

Meanwhile Vieira is playing with Zuco 103 across the globe for over 10 years now, despite her fear of flying. She feels very comfortable on the stage: “Live the audience decides for a big part the concert. That intensity is very special to me, it is the ultimate contact with your audience.” Says Vieira in an interview on (23 april 2007, Since their debut album, Zuco 103 released six more successful albums: The Other Side of Outro Lado (2001), Tales of High Fever (2002), One down one up (2003), Whaa! (2005), After the Carnaval (2008) – for which Vieira writes a large part of the lyrics during a stay in Brazil – and Retouched! After the Carnaval Remixes (2010). In the second half of 2010 Zuco 103 decides to take a creative break.

Since then Vieira performs as guest vocalist in different line-ups, like the “Metropole Orchestra” and the Brazilian composer/pianist Wagner Tiso, with the Afro beat band Mdungu and other Dutch bands. She also performs with Grupo Cariopa. Next to that Vieira works on different projects for children in the “Concertgebouw” and she writes for the Jah 6 project of Pieter Both. Recently Vieira sings on her Brazilian version of the classic song Perdido for the British Pop musician Joe Jackson.

In 2011 Vieira sings as special guest on the in Brazil recorded album, Sambanovo by Bicudo. In that same year a theatre tour follows with Bicudo in the series Jazz concerts of the “Stichting Jazz Impuls”. They perform a mix of classical acoustic Samba and Brazilian popular music in where the musicians go back to their roots. “The classic song Imagina by Tom Jobim is sung outstandingly by Lilian, who is able to easily tack through the glissandi” said Mattie Poels. Vieira herself says this about the tour: “When I sing, it feels like it is a homage to my mother. (…) This music stands for itself, I do not have to prove anything (…) I only have to sing and to feel”.

2007 – 2009

In 2008 Zuco103 collaborates with the famous Brazilian Group Bossacucanova with a.o. Roberto Menescal, during a concert in Paris. Next to that she sings on the Best Of album by Arling & Cameron (Challenge, 2007). With Grupo Cariopa she performs as guest vocalist and in 2008, she also sings on three albums: Dire Dawe by Minyeshu (Munich), Ku Khata/New Dawn by Neco Novellas (World Connection) and Bem Brasileiro by Josée Koning (Coast To Coast).

Beginning 2009 Vieira plays together with guitarist Rogério Bicudo in a sold out Bimhuis, with a repertoire of classic Choro’s and Samba’s. This is the beginning of a more intensive collaboration between these 2 Brazilian natives living in The Netherlands. They play among others in the “Concertgebouw” with Michael Moore and Eric Calmes during a double concert with singer Giovanca as part of “Robeco Zomerconcerten”.

This evening the two singers also sing a song together: I Remember (written by Giovanca and translated into Portuguese by Vieira). Next to that Vieira is a guest vocalist on the album Phase Five (Verve) by Yuri Honing & Floris. On the single Dinda by DJ-producer DRashid she performs the lead vocals. On September 26 Vieira is awarded with the United Nations MDG (Millennium Development Goal) Award by the minister of development cooperation policy for her work as ambassador of IBISS. She decided to immediately donate the award to Nanko van Buuren, the initiator of IBISS.

2004 – 2006

In 2005 Vieira founds the group Lilian Vieira’s Samba Soul. In the following theatre tour Vieira expresses her love for the soulful Brazilian Samba’s from the seventies. She tours with pianist José Lopretti, bassist Jura Gomes, guitarist Ed Verhoeff, drummer Enrique Firpi, percussionist Alaor Soares and Marijn van der Linden on cavaquinho. Vieira sings in guest vocals on the albums Cereal by C-Mon (of C-Mon & Kypski, Supertracks, 2004), Entre Raices Y Antenas by Macaco (Capitol, 2005), Samba Da Minha Terra by Bossacucanova (Crammed Discs, 2005), 5 by the Mendoza Dance Parti (Jazz’n’Soul Music, 2005), Sambarama by Riovolt (Irma Records, 2005), Live In Carré by Fernando Lameirinhas (EMI, 2005) and the single “Lied voor

Beslan” (for the victims of the hostage drama in Beslan, V2 Records, 2004).

In 2006 Vieira is one of the guest vocalists in the Cubop City Big Band of Lucas van Merwijk, and the CD with Latin Vocal Explosion LIVE is released. During this year, Vieira also sings on the title track of DJ Maestro’s solo debut album Mesmerize. In addition, she collaborates with Rogerio Bicudo on  Solucão, Bicudo’s solo album and she plays with Grupo M.B.P. at the Pure Jazz Festival in The Hague. In December 2006 she gives birth to her son Sol in her birthplace in Brazil.

2000 – 2003

In the meantime Zuco 103 grows into an international band with  a busy tour schedule and with Vieira being the lyric writer and front woman. “On international festivals and popstages Zuco 103 wins the harts with clever dance grooves and the infectious stage presence of singer Lilian Vieira” said Koen Schouten (, 11 januari 2006). In 2000 Outro Lado (Crammed Disc) is released, the debut album of Zuco 103. In this period Vieira is also guest singer on several albums, including One Day Deep by Praful (Therapy Records, 2001), Curare (Kinisis, 2001) by Choro Combinado, the quartet of the Brazilian guitarist who lives in The Netherlands as well, Rogério Bicudo, Sambastic by Hans en Candy Dulfer (Eagle,

2002) and Joyas 3 Jewels by Jacqueline Castro Ravelo (Mihrab Records, 2002). Next to her singing career she is also an actress in a variety of commercials and in the television series “De Negen Dagen Van De Gier”, which won a “Gouden Kalf” award, for best drama series in 2002. In that same year Lilian Vieira is appointed as ambassador of the IBISS, the Brazilian institute for innovation in social healthcare.

1997 – 1999

In 1997 Lilian Vieira graduates from the Rotterdam Conservatory and she sings along with Female Factory, a evening filling music show in the Royal Theatre Carré; a special event for the fiftieth birthday of the Declaration of Human Rights, with thirteen singers originating from different parts of the world. Several years later a live registration is released from this project on CD Female Factory: Live at the Royal Theatre Carré Amsterdam (Times Square Records).

Vieira is also guest vocalist on the album More! (Challenge Records, 1998) by New Cool Collective. In that same year, former fellow student and drummer Stefan Kruger (also band member of SfeQ) persuades Lilian to work on music for a new album, together with keyboardist Stefan Schmid. This collaboration ended up in Rec.a, a band that will be eventually called Zuco 103 and focuses on playing a new genre: Brazilelectro, a combination of Jazz, Funk, Brazilian and Electronic music.

1989 – 1996

The first 23 years of her life, Lilian Vieira lived in Brazil where she grew up in a musical family and is surrounded with traditional Brazilian music. Next to her study in nursing she performed with a.o. guitar player Gilson Fernandes. She knows the lyrics of hundreds of Brazilian songs out of her head. In 1989 she moved to The Netherlands, started a study in nursing but did not finish this and  started working as singer.  That makes her finally decide to study singing at the Rotterdam Conservatory. She finances her singing colleges with live performances and writes Portuguese lyrics, a.o. for the CD Tudo Bem from the Brazilian fusion formation Batida. Together with Stephan Debeverre and Enrique Firpi she sings in the band Banda Tocha in 1993 and between 1994 and 1998 she is a part of the Brasil Connection and Aquarelas do Brasil in conduction of Elmar Schmidt in Munich (Germany). In 1994 she is guest vocalist on the LP Abentura by the group Tocha (on Pasadena Productions). Also released that year are the singles Tête A Tête Tropical and Batacuda Tropical (on Tink! Records) featuring Lilian Vieira. In 1994 she forms together with guitarist Leonardo Amuedo, drummer-percussionist Luis Luz, pianist Juan Pablo Dobal en bassist-pianist José Lopretti the band Bacán, a Brazilian fusion group. Their untitled debut album is released by Challenge that same year, which yields a lot of gigs for the group. A second album, Cara, Bacán con Lilian Vieira, is launched at the North Sea Jazz Festival.

In 1995 Viva Brasil released (Pan Records), a CD with a.o. songs of Bacán and Treme Terra, another group in which Vieira sings. In 1995, 1996 and 1997 Vieira provides guest vocals on albums of the jazz formation SFeQ (respectively Nunks Pays, United Volume One and United Volume Two, all three released by Dox). In 1996 she is also featured on the album My Rhythmical Nature (Sony) by the Antillean guitarist Cedric Dandaré.