At the end of November the first solo album of Lilian Vieira will be released in the Netherlands by Coast to Coast. For this very personal album she was inspired by her youth, her Brazilian roots and her heroes from the 70’s – Jorge Ben, Trio Mocoto and Tim Maia. Together with  producer Wiboud Burkens (a.o JungleContinue reading “LILIAN VIEIRA RELEASING HER FIRST SOLO ALBUM”

De Uitdaging featuring Lilian Vieira

Musician Thijs Borsten invites a miscellaneous group of artists to go head to head in a musical confrontation called De Uitdaging. musicians of different backgrounds will be coupled with each other and will be given a range of questions and tasks. This time the theme is Brazil versus Gambia, a meeting between the warm BrazilianContinue reading “De Uitdaging featuring Lilian Vieira”


The Mama Cash Foundation is celebrating it’s 30th birthday with Mama Cash’s Flirty thirty festival. Just like the foundation, this festival will be about women’s rights all over the world. There will be a variety of inspiring activists present that day. They will awaken the activist in you by music, debate, photography, poetry, sex muscleContinue reading “MAMA CASH’S FLIRTY THIRTY FESTIVAL FEATURING LILIAN VIEIRA”

Lilian Vieira & Kees Gelderblom LIVE @ Viva Brasil Festival

This Sunday the 7th of July, Lilian will play with guitarist Kees Gelderblom at the Viva Brasil Festival in Amsterdam. 5 to 7 July the Viva Brasil Festival offers a promising three-day music program in various locations in Amsterdam. Goal of the festival is to build bridges between Holland and Brazil by giving Brazilian musical talent a platform in the Netherlands. Lilian returns to her musical roots, with a repertoire of popular Brazilian music and classical acoustic Samba. Together they are the openings concert of this evening before Djavan!Continue reading “Lilian Vieira & Kees Gelderblom LIVE @ Viva Brasil Festival”